"Sometimes it’s to your advantage for people to think you’re crazy."
- Thelonius Monk

Heather Cardin

 Co-Founder & Change Diva 

Heather grew up in New York. She began playing violin at the age of 7 and oboe at the age of 9. Alto sax and bass guitar followed.  

She’s always had a passion for live music... especially Jazz. By 16, she was sneaking out of her home every Wednesday night and heading to Bleecker Street to listen to new talent. 

Heather received her undergraduate degree in Music Performance from State University of New York at Stony Brook and her Masters in Music Therapy from New York University.  

And in what some may say is in contrast to her ‘creative side’, Heather has excelled in the Financial Services industry. She’s worked across the world in executive positions for Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, NAB and ANZ. (She’s also a member of High IQ Society Mensa International.) 

What this means for Jazz Village is that Heather has remarkable business acumen. She can deal with a diverse range of people… what some would call ‘Stakeholder Management’. She has worked with and learned from people who have literally shaped economies and has vast experience as a Leader who can coach, teach and show others how to implement strategy.

Heather loves the fact that she’s moved across the world, leaving one village to land in another… Greenwich to Manly. She loves that same sense of community and creativity that pervades both places and she’s passionate about bringing communities together through music and the creative arts.

Dave Keogh
Co-Founder & Impresario

Dave has a long association with music dating back three decades. He gets it. He’s managed bands, booked and promoted venues and worked as a record company publicist.

Dave has also been a professional writer for decades, starting out as a journalist and working in mainstream advertising and marketing since 1980. His CV also lists time spent as a published poet, editor, theatrical agent, venue booker, band manager, record company publicist and tennis coach. (There’s nothing like Life Experience if you’re going to be a storyteller.)

Dave is Co-Founder of communications agency, Vida in which he fills dual roles as both Head of Copy and Creative Director. He runs an altruistic arm of the agency called Perfect Pitch, which helps emerging artists to build their profiles and their fan bases… and he is also the Founder of Bands4Brands – an agency that weaves music into the brand identities of its clients, in line with their values and those of their customers.

Since October 2010 David has also run live music venue Eastern Lounge as a platform to showcase the artists with whom he works.