“If I’m playing any music at all, it’s Jazz.”
- Ginger Baker


Jazz Village offers you ‘Jazz’ in its most holistic sense.


There are so many great musicians in Sydney… the young and emerging as well as the established and experienced. 

Since rising from the creative hot bed of New Orleans around the beginning of the 20th century, Jazz has developed through various increasingly complex styles, but has always embraced variety. 

From the free-form style of Charles Mingus that many called ‘dirty jazz’ to the almost spiritual style of John Coltrane, seemingly channelling the divine through his sax… from the fusion funk and then electronic jazz played by pianist Herbie Hancock through to the psychedelic form for which Miles Davis is famous…

Nat King Cole is acknowledged as the great ‘jazz singer’ but there was also Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, even Sinatra… Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Stéphane Grappelli, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker, Dave Brubeck - all so different and yet all considered great Jazz players or singers.  

Go to a Jazz Festival these days and you’ll also hear Blues, Soul, Funk, Reggae and so called ‘World Music’. Ginger Baker – wizard drummer of the great psychedelic rock bands Cream and Blind Faith insisted he was always playing Jazz.  

And so, Jazz Village offers you ‘Jazz’ in its most holistic sense. Here are just a few of the artists and bands that can help bring your village to life after dark:


Gypsy Jazz at its absolute best. Arabesk plays its own special brand of intoxicating global grooves. A powerhouse of invention and innovation, Arabesk’s music follows many paths at any one time.

Like a river, it is fed from many different tributaries to form the whole, drawing upon strong jazz influences from Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery to Eastern European Gypsy/Classical music, all layered upon a backdrop of African and Arabic influenced rhythms.

At any moment the band will swing hard, only to drop into a thick funk-pumped bass line, while the violin always floats above. The drums hammer and thunder beats reminiscent of Motown, Blue Note and Afro Cuban jazz… an extraordinary ensemble.

Barrio Soul

Soul, Funk and Disco meets Cuban Mambo!

This Sydney-based, 10-piece, all-star collective takes you back to the barrios of New York for some smooth, funky Latin sound, celebrating 1960s and 70s Latin Soul, Latin Disco and Boogaloo.

Playing music by artists such as Mongo Santamaria, Joe Bataan, Joe Cuba, Tito Puente and Pete Rodriguez, Barrio Soul sets the dance floor alight with some serious grooves.

Black Bird Hum

Black Iguana

Craig Calhoun

Five Coffees

Gang of Brothers

Kate Lush

Keyim Ba

Kool Vibration

Kriola Collective

Martinez Akustica

Milena Barrett

Michelle Martine

Mucho Mambo

Pana Watson


Revolution Incorporated

Soul Roots Revival Band

Sugar Bowl Hokum

The New South